Cosmos for Humanity

The NGO for the sustainable development of space activities

Founded in 2021, Cosmos for Humanity is the first NGO to promote the sustainable development of space activities.

In the spirit of the Aarhus Convention, our mission is to enable citizens to participate in the preservation of the orbital environment by becoming active players in the fight against space pollution.

Recognized as a charitable organization in Switzerland, Cosmos for Humanity helps companies meet the environmental challenges associated with space activities by measuring their Outer Space Footprint (OSF), and by enabling them to integrate citizens into their CSR approach through its collaborative label.

Our vision

Enabling citizens and companies
to help preserve the orbital environment

Roadmap 2024

  • Presentation of the results of the study carried out in partnership with the French space agency (CNES)

  • Partnership between Cosmos for Humanity and Impacts DAO for the development of the C4H label on the ixo blockchain

S2 - 2023

  • Publication of the C4H report "Citizens, actors of the New Space?"

  • Organization of NGO governance in the form of a DAO on ixo

  • Integration of Space DAO and its decentralized STM project into Cosmos for Humanity

S1 - 2024

  • Organization of a citizen counter-event for the 75th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2024) in Milan

  • Consolidation of work on OSF

S2 - 2024

Our Values

Transparency - Cosmos For humanity


Make relevant information accessible to as many people as possible.


Federate and encourage synergies between actors.

Responsibility - Cosmos For Humanity


Faced with space pollution, we are all responsible.

Audacity - Cosmos For Humanity


Who dares wins.

Would you like to take action
to preserve orbits?

Find out more

Gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding space pollution and access to space.


To play an active role in preserving the orbital environment.


Take concrete action by contributing directly to C4H label certification.


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